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from ITALY

formed in 2008


Progressive Black/Death Metal

with many influences


Paolo "The Voices" Ferrante

Pierluigi "Aries" Ammirata

Francesco "Storm" Borrelli




Secretpath was born in summer 2008, founded by guitarist Pierluigi “Aries” Ammirata; since the foundation the band had no limits in the creative process and didn’t follow any model from previous music genres. For this reason, it has always been difficult to define Secretpath’s music genre, and that feature became more evident with the passing of time. There have been several changes until now, which led to the current line-up: Paolo “The Voices” Ferrante on vocals, Pierluigi “Aries” Ammirata on guitar, bass and orchestrations, Francesco “Storm” Borrelli on drums.


In the beginning of 2010 the band recorded its first demo, “The Choice”, in the next year recorded its second demo “Wanderer”. Since the first recording, it is possible to find the main elements of the band’s sound, which is based on extreme Metal - but with a distinct melodic aspect – that is open to any kind of influence, from death, black and gothic metal to operatic music, from progressive rock to folk music. Each side of the band’s sound palette is based on each member’s different background, while the goal of Secretpath is to create an original synthesis from all of these elements. On the conceptual side, the lyrics - written mainly in English, with some parts in ancient Latin and in Italian – are centered mainly on philosophy, inner struggles, madness, fears, fighting to follow our path. In 2013, Secretpath has signed a contract with Art Gates Records and has released the debut album "Wanderer And The Choice".


Now the band is working for new songs and searching for a label interested in publishing the second full-lenght.



The Tomb of Reason (2016)






Wanderer and the Choice (2013)

Full-Lenght Album - AGR Records



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